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7' SPA

The Eldorado was crafted from the spacious mold of the Monarch spa. It has the same deep, comfortable captain’s chair, but what distinguishes the Eldorado is the no-float lounger.

Not only does this 7' spa allow you to put your feet up, but there are also jets for the entire body: neck, back, hamstrings, calves, and the feet. It’s truly all-inclusive and totally relaxing. Unique styling and seat positioning in the Eldorado allows ample room for five adults.


VS Series

32 Stainless Steel Jets

1 Pump

Gecko in.k300

LED Mood Light


GS Series

40 Stainless Steel Jets

2 Pumps

Gecko in.k506

Mini-Chroma LED Lighting


ES Series

60 Stainless Steel Jets

2 70 gallon per minute Volcano jets

3 Pumps

Gecko in.k1000 touchscreen

Full-Chroma LED Lighting/3 Zones



1 Captain’s Chair

1 No-Float Lounger

3 Bench Seats

1 Step Entry

Deep, Open Footwell


Quick Specs

82" x 82" x 37"H (6'10" x 6'10" x 3'1")

Max Spa Volume: 425 Gallons

Dry Weight: 800 lb

Filled Weight: 4500 lb

El Dorado Hot Tub

  • Jets: 32
    Pumps: 1
    Control Screen: in.k300
    Lighting:  LED Light
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